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PCDIAGNOSTICS.EU is a webshop for computer service technicians. We provide well thought-out, high-quality products and offer a wide range of tools for true professionals. What we supply has been thoroughly tested, is easy to use, works precisely and comes with solid technical support in several languages.

Stop searching
Does your PC keep failing to work? Are you regularly caught out by blue screens and automatic reboots? Does the nth re-installation still not seem to help? In our webshop you will find unique software and hardware testing tools to help you quickly and efficiently track down computer problems. By using these professional hardware and software diagnostic solutions you can save hours of time spent searching each day.

PCDIAGNOSTICS.EU is part of Ultra-X
Ultra-X is the successful technological pioneer in the area of hardware
and software diagnostics. For 25 years, Ultra-X has been committed to quality, accuracy, innovation and making work easier for serious professionals in critical industries performing critical tasks. From large manufacturing, repair centers and refurbishment facilities to small local neighborhood computer service shops and repair service technicians, we help to provide a broad array of solutions to simplify and become more efficient.

Complete product range
Along with our wide range of diagnostic tools we also offer additions and extensions with handy tools and clever equipment. For example, we can provide anti-virus and anti-malware security solutions, backup and recovery imaging programs and tuning utilities specially made for professional technicians and must-haves for every technical department.

By providing, for example, anti-static tables we can take care of the complete installation for your technical or production department and it is even possible to set up a assembly testing and imaging process in such a way that it is carried out completely automatically without any user intervention.

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