QuickCAST Mobile - 5 user

User-Friendly Diagnostic Deployment Appliance

  • Diagnose Multiple Systems Simultaneously
  • Robust System Testing
  • Remote Test Monitoring
  • Quick and Simple Implementation

Being competitive start with being productive - here is your edge! QC Mobile is an easy to use, affordable all-in-one network deployment appliance that allows anyone to diagnose multiple systems concurrently with no need for special technical skills!

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A Smarter Way
 to Service more PCs faster

QuickCAST Mobile
Traditional service repair shops usually either download some "free" software and try to make it work, purchase a software solution that was designed for the end user, or resort to swapping parts. Those days are over with QuickCAST Mobile Diagnostic deployment appliance. It takes proven Ultra-X
diagnostic technology to provide a focused solution to deliver exactly what service repair shops need to get the job done right, the first time.

QuickCAST PC DiagnosticsBoot and Diagnose multiple systems concurrently with ease!

QuickCAST Mobile is fully automated allowing a technician to boot and walk-away. Simply boot the Systems Under Test (SUT) from Network (PXE Network boot) and select one of the preconfigured diagnostic scripts designed to identify hardware issues faster. Deployment time is complete within a matter of seconds and QuickCAST will now perform a professional hardware diagnostic test run to check the complete functionality of the system. 


Complete Test Coverage

Deployment of diagnostics in a pre-operating system environment allowsQuickCAST Mobile video for
true low level hardware testing. The diagnostics are performed directly on the hardware component, without the interference of the OS drivers that may hide potential problems. QuickCAST Mobile places systems through the most vigorous software diagnostics available, performing full testing on: Motherboard, Processor(s), Memory, Storage Drives, Video Graphics Card, Peripherals and I/O Devices.

"QuickCAST solutions are simple to 

implement and immediately increases 
Technician productivity by a minimum of 25%



Remote Test Monitoring 

Remote Test Monitoring & Test Log Retrieval

A single technician can monitor all SUT (Systems Under Test) activity remotely with the browser-based monitoring console of QuickCAST Mobile. The test result logs are available to download and print, offering a complete test report for each system. 



Quick and Simple implementationQuickCAST Screenshots

QuickCAST Mobile easily implements into any existing Desktop, Mobile PC, POS or High-End Server manufacturing line or service repair department. QuickCAST Mobile is a self-contained turnkey network deployment solution that you can have up and running in less than 5 minutes.


Hardware Diagnostics done right…

With the QuickCAST Mobile network box your Diagnostic a
nd Burn-In assessment time is dramatically reduced. Easily diagnose and Troubleshoot multiple systems in parallel, selecting from pre-configured burn-in test scripts to get the answers you need to fix the issue right, the first time. See how this new solution will make your job a whole lot easier, and save your computer service business a lot of money.


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Product Family
  • QuickCAST (QC)
Product Type
  • Embedded Diagnostics
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Self-Boot Diagnostics
Operating System
  • OS-Free
Form Factor
  • Network
Individual Technican No
Computer Repair Business Yes
Repair Centers Yes
System Builders Yes
Manufacturers Yes
Developers No
Refurbishers Yes
Large Retailers Yes
Desktop Yes
Notebook Yes
Netbook Yes
Tablet Yes
Server Yes
Embedded / Industrial PC Yes
Phone No
License Types 5 Test Station Licenses
License Duration 1 year
Customization / Branding Yes
Hi-Volume Licensing Yes
OEM Bundling Licensing Yes
Technical Support
Hardware Warranty Agreement duration

Package Contains

QuickCAST Mobile comes in a professional navy blue carrying case including: - QuickCAST Mobile network box - Power adapter and USB power cable - Serial and Parallel Loopback - Network Loopback - Manual and QuickStart guide - Test CD and DVD - Support CD with Tutorial

Overall Speed
System Information Details
Automated Burn-in Flexibility
Advanced Multi-Threaded Testing
Motherboard & CPU Test Coverage
Video / Graphic Test Coverage
Memory (RAM) Test Coverage
Storage & Drive Test Coverage
Pheripherials Test Coverage
Test Report Options