Customization and Licenses

Quickly, Easily and Legally…

We at PC Diagnostics make it easy to keep your organization, institution, or business software legal.  Licenses help you stay on top of software. Our licensing and multi-packs start with only 5 or 10 copies of an application. Then add as many users and as much software as you need quickly, easily, and legally.
License Opportunities:


  • Pay-Per-Use License
  • Site License
  • Bundle License
  • Package License
  • Multi-User Packs

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Branding and Customization services
OEM hardware and software diagnostic solutions, are custom engineered and built to suit your specific requirements. Our custom hardware and software diagnostic solutions deliver exceptional value, functionality, and performance. We can provide not only "out of the box" OEM solutions, but also customized solutions for your specific needs.
Fully customizable and tailored to fit various manufacturing and production requirements.