QuickCAST Android


It’s here. The ultimate test solution for Android devices. Need to diagnose multiple devices concurrently? No problem. Do so without the help of a second technician, and you can do it from anywhere in the shop with wireless portability.

When you want to consult a customer in the waiting room and show the customer the problem, QuickCAST for Android’s wireless communication has the range to stay connected. This not only makes you more flexible; It makes you more profitable!

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QuickCAST Android

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Diagnose, Erase and Restore Android Devices


Key features




For Android devices including tablets,
mobile phones, smart TVs and more.




Tab the info button to access detailed info
including vendor, model, sensors and more!



Use the smart dashboard to overview
the device’s capabilities and usage.


Detailed reporting is readily available both on
de device and on the management server.


  Permanently erase and factory restore
Android devices with ease.
   Network    Diagnose, erase or restore up to 10
concurrent Android devices.
Select or make scripts   Select an automated test script or choose
from several individual diagnostic tests.

Simple installation and configuration removes
tedious steps and maximize tech efficiency.







QuickCAST Android



  • Generic Support – Brand Independent
  • Supports Android 3.0 and newer
  • Interactive and Automated Diagnostics
  • Test up to 10 Android Devices concurrently
  • Connected through WIFI – No ADB needed
  • Automated Testing Options
  • Monitor Device Health
  • Erase and Factory Restore with Ease
  • Comprehensive Behavioural Testing
  • Professional Branded Reporting 
  • More than 40 Individual Diagnostic Tests

How does it work?


Setup connection                    Download application                    Monitor device health

 1. Setup connection

Automatically connect the Android
devices to the QC Android Wifi network
using WPS. Connect to the remote
management console to see status 
and results


2. Download application

Download and execute the
QuickCAST Android application
with one single click. 


3. Monitor device health

View the device health dashboard
including device features, storage
usage,battery level, memory usage
and much more!

Diagnose, erase and restore


Easy to use


Extended reporting

4. Diagnose, erase and restore

Run automated and individual
diagnostic tests. QC Android also
gives you the ability to erase and
restore Android devices.


 5. Easy to use

QuickCAST Android is very easy to
use - providing an easy to use
interface with quick access to all
features and clear results.


 6. Extended reporting options

Professional branded reporting is
readily available both on the device
and on the management server.




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Product Family
  • QuickCAST (QC)
Product Type
  • Android Diagnostics
Operating System
  • Android
Form Factor
  • Network
Individual Technican Yes
Computer Repair Business Yes
Repair Centers Yes
System Builders No
Manufacturers No
Developers Yes
Refurbishers Yes
Large Retailers Yes
Desktop No
Notebook No
Netbook No
Tablet Yes
Server No
Embedded / Industrial PC No
Phone Yes
License Types
License Duration 1 year
Customization / Branding Yes
Hi-Volume Licensing Yes
OEM Bundling Licensing No
Technical Support
Hardware Warranty Agreement duration

Package Contains

Overall Speed
System Information Details
Automated Burn-in Flexibility
Advanced Multi-Threaded Testing
Motherboard & CPU Test Coverage
Video / Graphic Test Coverage
Memory (RAM) Test Coverage
Storage & Drive Test Coverage
Pheripherials Test Coverage
Test Report Options