QuickTech Windows

Windows reliability and stability testing 

  • Test Windows reliability with drivers
  • Multimedia audio/video codec testing 
  • Advanced peripheral diagnostics 
  • Checks overall system stability in Windows

Multi-Threaded QuickTech Windows (QTWIN) confirms system stability, reliability and performance in a Windows environment when chipset and peripheral hardware drivers are initialized. QuickTech Windows boast a variety of new test functions creating a comprehensive Windows-based Diagnostic solution and a very user-friendly experience.

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QuickTech for Windows

  • Quick Tech PRO for Windows
  • Quick Tech for Windows
  • Systeem kalender
  • Video testing
  • QuickTech for Windows
  • Troubleshooting Wizard
  • Professional Branded Reports
  • Multi Point Assessement
  • Test by Symptom

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Diagnose & Fix Right the First Time!

QuickTech WindowsDiagnose various hardware issues in less time than ever before with QuickTech Windows. With all the powerful features that QuickTech Windows offers, you'll have everything you'll need to solve the most common problems maximizing your technician's efficiency and increasing overall product and service quality.

Utilize new features such as the Multi-Point Assessment, System Event Calendar, Technician Script Console, Hardware Troubleshooting wizard, and more to quickly identify problematic hardware and minimize service turnaround time. QuickTech Windows makes it easier than ever to diagnose & fix right the first time!




QuickTech Windows USBComplete Test Coverage

QuickTech Windows performs full Diagnostics the following components:

• Processor(s) • Removable Storage Drive(s)
• Motherboard / Chipset      • Monitor
• Memory • Sound / Audio
• Hard Disk Drive(s) • Video Graphic Card(s)
• Optical Drive(s) • Network
• Webcam • Battery
• 1394 Firewire • Internet Connectivity
• Wireless LAN and a lot more!




QuickTech Windows 8 readyNEW! Windows 10 Touch Friendly Interface

With Windows 10 introduction, new touch enabled displays are quickly becoming the new trend. QuickTech Windows is now touch friendly - providing technicians an easy to use interface with quick access to commonly used features.

Diagnose hardware issues by symptomNEW! Diagnose Hardware issues by Symptom

To quickly streamline the troubleshooting process, QuickTech Windows now includes automated diagnostic scripts designed to identify problematic hardware. Each of the test scripts are optimized to perform rigourous testing based on the symptom. For example - intermittent and random blue screens wil lperform specific stress tests on the memory, primary disk driske and data bus to replicate and identify the issue.


* Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 Only


NEW! Integrated Troubleshooting WizardWindows Troubleshooting Wizard


QuickTech Windows makes it easier than ever to quickly troubleshoot and resolve common issues. Not only does QuickTech Windows diagnose the issue at hand, but also provides a built in troubleshooting wizard to help resolve specific commonly known issues.


* Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 Only


NEW! Professional Branded Test ReportsProfessional Branded Test Reports

QuickTech Windows reporting has been enhanced to simplify and provide a customer friendly professional test report. Best yet, the report can easily be customized with your company brand logo in a single step.








Maximize Your Profits! 

Most Technicians do not make good sales staff, however, QuickTech Windows provides the help to offer your customer additional services easily. There are so many services that can be offered in ways that appeal precisely to your customer base, maximizing potential sales opportunities. With QuickTech Windows, you have access to several functions like the Multi-Point Assessment Tool which can quickly be run on every system that enters the shop. 

Multi Point AssessmentMulti Point Assessment tool will create a 33-point Asssessment on the current condition of the computer that can be printed on a single page customer friendly report. The service and repaic company can easily insert their own logo and contact details to brand the report. Best yet, MPA provides a small area of the report to provide promotional opportunities or advertisement placement.

Upsell Opportunities Include:

  • Anti-Malware Software Installation / Renewal
  • Firewall Software Installation
  • Complete Diagnostic Assessment
  • Complete Data Backup
  • Hardware Performance Upgrades
  • MISC Software (MSOffice2013, Adobe, etc.)
  • Ink & Toner Refill
  • Next Visit Coupon

Quick. Simple. Accurate.

25% Faster
QuickTech Windows allows a technician to troubleshoot quicker, it's simple to use and maximizes technician efficiency by 25% over the closest competitor without compromising test accuracy.

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No nonsense licensing
No Nonsense

QuickTech Windows keeps it simple. A single license allows you to diagnose an unlimited number of desktopns, notebooks, tablets, servers, workstations, or other x86 compatible pc - one at a time using the included USB device for a one year term. As a registered user live phone, web chat, and email support are included for the entire system term - FREE!



Need a company site license? No problem. Contact a sales representative for license availability, details, and pricing.


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Product Family
  • QuickTech (QT)
Product Type
  • Windows Diagnostics
Operating System
  • Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8
Form Factor
  • USB
Individual Technican No
Computer Repair Business Yes
Repair Centers Yes
System Builders Yes
Manufacturers Yes
Developers No
Refurbishers Yes
Large Retailers Yes
Desktop Yes
Notebook Yes
Netbook Yes
Tablet Yes
Server Yes
Embedded / Industrial PC Yes
Phone No
License Types Technician license
License Duration 1 year
Customization / Branding Yes
Hi-Volume Licensing Yes
OEM Bundling Licensing Yes
Technical Support
Hardware Warranty Agreement duration

Package Contains

QuickTech Windows comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions whether you’re testing new or old - Desktops, Laptops, or Server PC’s. 1Qty- QuickTech Windows USB 1Qty- Test CD & DVD Optical Media ROMs 1Qty- 9-Pin Serial Loopback 1Qty- Network Loopback

Overall Speed
System Information Details
Automated Burn-in Flexibility
Advanced Multi-Threaded Testing
Motherboard & CPU Test Coverage
Video / Graphic Test Coverage
Memory (RAM) Test Coverage
Storage & Drive Test Coverage
Pheripherials Test Coverage
Test Report Options