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PC Diagnostics´ Supportcare for Android is an effective Android diagnostic tool which improves the quality and hardware integrity of Android mobile devices. Androids have become a key feature in modern society. This makes it increasingly important that their hardware is reliable – hence the need for reliable android testing. Hardware failures in Androids can quickly damage brand reputation and lead to decreased revenue. Supportcare for Android keeps devices in good working order by accurately identifying potential problems, and offering solutions. Our Android diagnostics allow software-based issues to be solved before lasting damage is done.


Four benefits of using Supportcare for Android:

  • Reduce the incidence of NTF (No Trouble Found) and NDF (No Defect Found): Our Android diagnostics significantly cuts the proportion of returns for non-hardware issues.
  • Reduce call centre support and service time: By allowing end-users to identify hardware problems themselves, our Android diagnostics reduce the time spent on support calls.
  • Brand Distinction: SupportCare for Android is a useful and informative tool which effectively distinguishes OEMs in the market place.
  • Reduce repeat returns: SupportCare for Android allows service and support organizations to repair systems correctly first time around.


Key features of Supportcare for Android:

  • Support for Android 2.3 and above
  • Low-level hardware diagnostics, which bypass the Android OS level
  • A range of Android diagnostics, effective for the majority of components on Android devices.
  • Thorough system information for almost all Android applications and components
  • Data capture and analysis throughout the Android lifecycle
  • Android diagnostics which test automation capability, and offer fully customisable scripting

Who benefits from Supportcare for Android?

Android device manufacturers: By detecting hardware faults, reducing NTF rates and ensuring that hardware is operating correctly, SupportCare for Android significantly reduces support costs for device manufacturers.

Repair and Service Centres: PC Diagnostics provides industry-standard tools for Android diagnostics, thereby increasing first-time repair success, improving tech productivity and reducing turnaround time.

Service Technicians: Our Android testing tools allow technicians to quickly and accurately identify hardware problems - saving time, money, and increasing customer satisfaction. In turn, using Supportcare for Android sets OEMs apart from their competitors.

Android users: It is crucial for end-users that their Android mobile device functions effectively at all times. PC Diagnostics allows users to proactively identify hardware problems, cutting downtime in one easy step.


Purchase SupportCare for Android now, and benefit from high-quality, reliable Android diagnostics. This tool significantly benefits multiple parties involved with Android mobile devices: from OEMs to system integrators and customer support services.

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