Android testing

Ultra-X offers top-of-the-range Android testing. Our diagnostics thoroughly assess the integrity and quality of hardware in Android devices, ultimately improving customer satisfaction, brand reputation and revenue. We are an industry leader in the field of Android testing, with a range of comprehensive hardware diagnostics for Android.


What SupportCare for Android offers:

- Compatibility with the majority of Android phones and tablets

- Diagnostics for all key components (storage devices, memory, graphics, CPU, touchscreen, sensors, buttons and communication elements).

- Extensive test history plus associated results – making it easy to identify repeat hardware issues.

- Diagnostic test results which can be uploaded via various share methods (email, external storage media, Cloud and on the Android device)

- Detailed system information and feedback on current device configuration.


Easily improve brand reputation

SupportCare for Android advances the reputation of Android manufacturers by improving customer satisfaction. Undetected hardware faults are often responsible for Android malfunctions, which quickly damage brand reputation and revenue. Our Android diagnostics can identify hardware faults before they become a problem. Testing the device with SupportCare for Android also guarantees that it is in full working order after manufacture or repairs. Integrating Android testing throughout the manufacturing and aftercare processes is an easy way to decrease support costs and reduce time wastage on customer follow-up.


PC Diagnostics specialised Android testing  tools are comparable in quality to the testing  tools for Windows and Linux systems for more than 25 years. Our systems are unrivalled in quality, and offer detailed, efficient Android testing.


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