Computer hardware testing


Computer problems fall into 2 categories: hardware and software issues. While software malfunctions can be resolved with built-in repair functions, hardware problems can only be solved through proper analysis and evaluation. PC-Diagnostics' hardware diagnostic tool is a thorough and effective solution.

PC-Diagnostics' hardware testing tools efficiently identify and fix hardware issues. Each testing programme is effectively a series of systems, which quickly identify hardware issues.



About PC-Diagnostics' computer hardware-testing

Our computer hardware diagnostic tools can be divided into two categories: hardware diagnostic products (which analyse systems from outside the PC); and software diagnostic products (which are written specifically to detect hardware problems). Our continuous diagnostic systems monitor operations on an ongoing basis, screening for issues as they arise.

PC-Diagnostics' devices are all either single purpose (addressing one piece of hardware); multipurpose (created for one component, with trouble-shooting available for other modules); or modular (with many single-purpose tools which can be employed as needed). Hardware assessment is also made easier by self-diagnostic tools (such as "command prompt" functions in routers, or device log functions which automatically correct failures).


PC-Diagnostics' hardware diagnostic tools can be employed at various stages in computer lifecycles; for instance, serving as quality checks in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, stress testing the overall performance and stability of a computer under various loads ensures that core hardware components in a Windows environment will perform at speeds your customers expect. Our tools are suitable for direct use by trained technicians, and can also be employed remotely by service teams. This makes PC-Diagnostics' computer hardware testing a smart investment at any stage.


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