Advanced Professional Kit

With our Advanced Professional Kit, PC-Diagnostics offers a top-of-the line hardware diagnostic tool. The kit includes comprehensive and unrivalled testing for both hardware and software elements.


The PC-Diagnostics Advanced Professional Kit includes:

A unique diagnostic test card: P.H.D. PCI2. Whereas normal P.O.S.T. cards simply display POST error codes, the PC-Diagnostics tool comes equipped with a special test card. This performs a dynamic set of diagnostics which thoroughly assess hardware. This allows faulty or unstable hardware to be quickly revealed.

QuickCAST Mobile. This Diagnostics Mini Server is able to diagnose up to five systems simultaneously. Furthermore, it does not need an O/S to operate.


QuickTech Professional. QuickTech PRO makes core system hardware diagnostics even quicker. This is due to its effective combination of core -level system verification, peripheral testing, unattended Burn-in testing and system inventories.


QuickTech for Windows. After testing with QuickTech PRO, QuickTech for Windows then checks hardware stability, reliability and audio/video codec. This allows for the computer system to be tested in a Windows real user environment.


Why choose PC-Diagnostics’ hardware diagnostics tool?

PC Diagnostics’ Advanced Professional Kit is suitable for testing all types of computer equipment: desktops, notepads, netbooks, servers and industrial PCs. This makes it an ideal choice, no matter what the computer equipment is. The Advanced Professional Kit is also suitable for use by manufacturers, developers, repair centres, system builders, refurbishers and large retailers alike.



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