Computer diagnostic test



PC Diagnostics offers a range of test equipment for computer diagnostics. Our products provide detailed diagnostics software which, when used in combination, can detect any computer hardware faults.



How PC Diagnostics' testing works

Our test kit includes multiple diagnostic tests, which function at different levels. Certain products operate independently of the PC O/S, testing all core PC components. Many of our diagnostics tools test the most vital elements of a PC: memory, motherboard, hard-drive and CPU. By using PC Diagnostic's testing equipment, you ensure that all of these hardware components are consistent. This then guarantees the highest levels of performance and reliability in PCs - whether they are new, serviced or upgraded.



The benefits of computer diagnostic test kits

By detecting and accurately locating hardware faults, our PC tool kits are a simple way to reduce returns, RMAs and repairs. Our unrivalled testing tools guarantee that PCs are reliable before they leave the manufacturing plant or testing location. This decreases the chance of customer dissatisfaction, which in turn has a direct effect on brand prestige. Reliable hardware components are crucial to efficient PCs. A brand which produces consistently efficient PCs will earn a reputation as a respectable company. As a result, our computer diagnostic tests can lead to increased company revenue.


Using a combination of PC Diagnostic tests also cuts workloads in assembly, upgrade and repair lines. This saves companies time, money and resources. It also reduces wasted man-hours at various stages, and maximises revenue by reducing costly support, repairs and follow up.


Finally, PC Diagnostic provides highly respected and reliable computer diagnostic tests. Our company works with computer service technicians across the world, supplying a wide range of well thought-out, high quality professional products. Pc Diagnostic offer solid “tried-and-tested” technical support in multiple languages. This makes our range of computer diagnostic tests the perfect choice for any company involved with PC manufacture or after-care.



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