Hardware diagnostics, true hardware testing

Hardware diagnostic tools detect problems in computer hardware systems. Basic hardware diagnostics work on all of a computer’s basic elements: the processor, chipset and memory. Such systems can give early warnings about potential system failures or breakdowns. This makes them essential tools in computer maintenance.


Hardware diagnostic VS Software diagnostics


There are many benefits to using hardware diagnostics instead of software diagnostics. For instance, PC Diagnostics' hardware testing equipment  gives much more precise and reliable diagnostics than any software-based tests. Hardware diagnostics are also known as "self-boot diagnostics", because they can boot before the operating system is started. This enables our hardware diagnostics to communicate directly with the core level parts of the system. Software-based diagnostics (as offered by our competitors) always need an operating system to function. This means that they are unable to access the PC's hardware systems - and they also take much longer to perform less thorough testing!


PCdiagnostics VS the rest


While our competitors sell software-based tools, PC Diagnostics is the only company to offer thorough hardware diagnostics. Our hardware diagnostics come in the following form factors: PCI, PCI-Express, Mini PCI-Express, Network box and USB bootable flash drives. Ultimately, PC Diagnostics provides quick, unique and very powerful hardware diagnostics. Our diagnostics tools save hours of scanning time, and ensure that hardware issues can be detected quickly, accurately, and easily.



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