Memory test tools

Memory testing tools are essential for maintaining computer efficiency. Bad memory causes various computer problems, such as unexpected crashes, installation failures and random reboots. PC Diagnostics offers both software and hardware tools to test computer memory.


Many modern computers come equipped with basic software programmes to test memory. For instance, Windows Memory Diagnostics tests essential computer memory. But commercial testing tools offer a more thorough approach to memory testing.


What our memory tests offer

PC Diagnostics' testing tools provide in-depth memory tests. For instance, our memory tests include randomised patterns, which are able to detect even intermittent errors. Most intermittent errors are caused by faulty duplication of RAM cells. PC Diagnostics' testing tools have special testing algorithms, which can check the full functionality of RAM chips. They also check the compatibility of the CPU, Mainboard and Memory combinations. Our memory test tools can test all types of PC memory: DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, Single Channel, Multi Channel, Flash memory, and more!


Our Ultra-X memory testing tools are the best programmes on the market, and are employed on a global scale by the world's biggest memory producers. They are a reliable way to diagnose computer memory problems. And, if nothing is revealed by the tests, then the hardware problem can be looked for elsewhere.


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