PC Check Up

PC Diagnostic provides some of the best PC checks on the commercial and business markets. Our tools offer detailed feedback on computer performance, plus recommendations on how to improve it. Our PC checks and diagnostic tools are suitable for everything from basic trouble shooting to high-level diagnostics. By analyzing every hardware component on a PC, you can ensure that the device is running at its best ability.


QuickTech Pro USB 


One of our most thorough diagnostic tools, which provides a complete PC check, is the QuickTech PRO USB. This assesses every component of a computer, from RAM to motherboard. By scanning all computer systems and hardware, this checking tool provides insight into any (potential) errors. This makes it an unrivalled piece of apparatus for performing PC checks, and keeping computers in perfect running order.

PC Diagnostics is a globally respected computer company, which provides tried and tested products for hardware and software issues. Our PC checks, including the QuickTech PRO USB, come with support in multiple languages. These PC checks don't require tedious installations or set ups, meaning that they save businesses and technicians valuable time. PC checks such as QuickTech PRO USB are also easy to launch, and can be run in as little as five minutes. This makes them the perfect choice for fast-paced businesses which rely on their computers.



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