PC repair tools

Our PC repair tools are thorough, effective, and suitable for all kinds of PCs and professionals.


What does PC Diagnostics offer?

PC Diagnostics provides comprehensive PC repair tools, which are unrivalled in quality. Our PC repair tools have advanced diagnostics which are able to identify hardware faults, and ensure that the PC is in full working order. Our equipment is some of the fastest and most accurate available in the world - hence our reputation for  providing truly professional products.

The PC Diagnostics repair tools are appropriate for independent computer shops as well as larger organisations, such as repair depots and manufacturers. The PC repair tools can also be used in multiple instances – for instance, in a repair centre or at a client's home.


Why choose our PC repair tools?

Our repair tools give detailed insight into the PC's system and current operations. This makes it easy to see what changes have been made to either hardware or drivers. Our PC repair tools also offer customizable reports, featuring company logos and contact information. This means that your good repair and diagnostic work isn't forgotten.


Overall, our PC repair tools significantly speed up and improve computer troubleshooting. They also cut the amount of time wasted on diagnostics, while reducing usage of unnecessary parts.



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