RAM memory test

What is RAM?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is vital to the daily running of PCs.  It is the fundamental memory used by most computer software components. RAM (temporarily) stores all running data for the entire time that a computer is switched on. This makes it essential for all of the computer’s tools, programmes and processes.


RAM usage depends on the number of programmes being run, and the demands that these make on the PC. High levels of RAM allow for multiple programmes to be run simultaneously, without slowing down the PC. If a PC is low on RAM, this can cause problems for all programmes. It also slows down the overall running speed of the PC.


Why use RAM memory tests?

We offer thorough RAM memory tests for PCs. RAM is not limitless, and regularly running comprehensive RAM tests will prevent memory crashes.


RAM in modern PCs usually takes the form of integrated data, which is linked with other systems and hardware. As a result, preventing a RAM failure also protects other elements in the computer. Our RAM tests prevent memory failures, therefore avoiding subsequent PC crashes. In this way, RAM memory tests protect the entire workings of a computer.



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