Windows memory diagnostics

PC Diagnostics' memory diagnostic tool is a part of QuickTech Windows runs under Windows, checking RAM levels in a PC. The memory tests guarantee the quality and quantity of available RAM – which has important consequences for the entire PC. PC Diagnostics' offers a unique set of memory diagnostics, which also perform PC behavioural tests.


About RAM

RAM is crucial to PCs' everyday running. It is a good idea to run a Windows memory diagnostic when a computer is build, maintained, upgraded or is reconfigured. Our Windows memory diagnostic gives a detailed and accurate insight into the computer's essential stability.

A fully functioning PC can accurately store and retrieve data 100% of the time. But a PC might fail Windows memory diagnostics because of hardware that is damaged, old or poorly configured. Faulty RAM can lead to PC instability, crashes, or corruption of the hard-disc.


Our Windows memory diagnostics will reveal the accuracy of the RAM in any PC, and pinpoint any problems which should be dealt with. Our tools provide quick and easy validation of memory in notebooks, laptops, tablets and other mobile systems. They are suitable for manufacturers, system builders, design engineers and service professionals alike. By making use of over 100 test patterns, including proprietary algorithms, our Windows-based memory diagnostics can give the exact location of memory failures – alerting users to issues before they become big problems.



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