Computer repair tools for professionals


Our computer repair tools are specifically for PC Service Professionals. PC-Diagnostics offers a comprehensive approach, providing the necessary diagnostic tools for both In-store and In-home PC servicing.


About PC Diagnostic’s computer repair tools

Our computer repair tools are effective on all brands and types of PC (desktops, laptops and servers alike). We use Ultra-X Diagnostics: a global technological pioneer in diagnostic software. Some of our kits also come equipped with QuickPOST PCI. This important tool is effective on systems which fail to display a screen, or which appear dead. The QuickPOST PCI POST (Power On Self-Test) Monitoring card (port 80 test card) can also be upgraded for an additional charge (e.g. to PHDPCI2 and/ or PHD Mini PCI-Express boards).


Furthermore, our computer repair tools are suitable for In-Store and In-Home technicians alike.


For the In-Store professional, they are compatible with network booting. This means experts can simultaneously perform multiple diagnostics on various PC components – without having to constantly monitor it. This reduces professional time wastage. PC Diagnostics also offers remote browser-based management, so that technicians can check current test activity or logs while a system is being tested.


For In-Home experts, our computer repair tools allow technicians to employ Windows-based diagnostics via USB. The PC Diagnostics tools are doubly powerful, because they combine these Windows systems with a set of Ultra-X Self-Boot diagnostics. This hugely increases the chance of first-time success for computer repair tools.


Like all of PC-Diagnostics’ products, our computer repair tools have been thoroughly tested, are precise and easy to use, and come with extensive technical support in several languages.



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