PC tool kits

Our PC tool kits are advanced pieces of equipment which makes detailed PC troubleshooting more precise and accurate.


Why choose PC Diagnostics?

Our PC tool kits are ideal for both hardware and software diagnostics, and suitable for use on new, refurbished and upgraded PCs. It combines multiple hardware and software tools in one easy-to-use piece of kit.

Some of the kits include a powerful hardware diagnostic card which investigates and identifies any hardware issues during a system's power-on process. The PC tool kits also have various tools for performing Burn-in tests, performance tests, memory tests, hard disk checks, and monitoring battery performance.


This portable trouble-shooting solution is a convenient and effective tool from PC Diagnostics. It is simple enough to allow PC experts and enthusiast alike to repair PC’s. This single-user licensed tools can also be used on multiple machines, without the need for installations.



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