Windows diagnostic tool

Modern day computers equipped with Windows are much easier to work with. However, a computer is still prone to errors like any other machine. It is up to the technician to come up with a solution. Our Windows diagnostic tools scan entire PC systems for errors. They offer an easy way to maximise PC performance, by diagnosing errors which lead to slow-down.


Why choose our Windows diagnostic tools?

Our Windows diagnostic tools cover a huge range of PC sub-systems, including all major components (CPU, memory, system board, storage, audio, graphics, networking, peripherals, etc). Our Windows diagnostic tools are fully comprehensive so that they can tell you exactly what is slowing down a PC. Importantly, this cuts the rate of No Trouble Found (NTF) product returns, which reduces company support costs.


Who can benefit from our diagnostic tools?

Our Windows diagnostic tools are suitable for OEMs, PC manufacturers, IT service providers, customer support and many other parties. They provide powerful hardware diagnostics which allow for better first-time resolution. This simplifies and speeds up the resolution of hardware problems.  Find out in just minutes what is slowing down your computer. Provide your customers a professional Windows optimization service. Key users of our Windows diagnostic tools are:

  • PC manufacturers
  • Customer support and field service organizations
  • Enterprise IT departments
  • IT service providers
  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Diagnose & Fix Right the First Time!


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