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CPU Magazine

About PHD PCI 2 Diagnostic Card

Between swapping components & taking time to figure out POST
error codes, even a few hours might not be enough time to solve
your troubleshooting issues. Simply put, sometimes PC
troubleshooting is a task best left to the professionals... or at
least professional equipment. P.H.D. PCI2 diagnostic card is
a great tool to have in your utility belt!

CPU Magazine

About Ultra-X Diagnostic Kits


Ultra-X's testing kits go way beyond simple benchmarks:
These are serious tools that help professionals test
and troubleshoot hardware issues to a level of minutiae
most of us probably never encountered.


Processor Magazine
About QuickCAST Mobile


Testing and repairing computers is a difficult task that is
often made more difficult by unwieldy diagnostic tools.
Manually running diagnostics and burn-ins is a burden
on personnel resources.

Ultra-X's QuickCAST D.D.R. Mobile
Diagnostic Deployment
Appliance provides an automated diagnostic tool that is simple
to deploy and requires almost zero maintenance, all in a form
factor about the size of a smartphone.


PC Upgrade Magazine

About QuickTech PRO


QuickTech Pro is the ideal all-purpose hardware burn-in
/ diagnostic utility, while QuickTech Personal will help rule
out hardware problems before moving on and tackling
possible software problems.