Pc diagnostic software


Computers a prone to errors and in order to get the computer working again, computer technicians need to have essential testing tools that will make the repair process smooth and easy. PC diagnostic software offers a solution with a range of programmes. All of these are designed to solve PC problems, by finding problems in a PC’s software or hardware.


Why choose our PC Diagnostic software?

Our diagnostic software allows users to quickly identify the status for system health, network connections and overall system security.

Our PC diagnostic software has options for performing different types of diagnostics, which makes it very thorough. Our programmes will search for conflicts in various types of hardware, and send alerts about faulty operations.  This makes it a comprehensive form of PC diagnostics.


PC Diagnostic software designed for Service Businesses

Our PC Diagnostics are specifically designed for PC Service Businesses. Our tools help you have a better look at your customers. You will be able to find their problems faster, performing diagnostics on multiple systems for faster execution. Repair the problems, then use our PC diagnostic tools to make sure you found and fixed the real problems. Our tools able you to present your customers with branded test reports. All with your logo and contact information!

Our PC Diagnostic Software supports Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, Linux and systems without any operating system. We also provide tools for testing Apple, Android and Windows Server operating systems.

Make sure you find and fix it the first time!


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