Pro Tech Toolkit

70 tools help you dish out sweet repair justice.

  • The industry standard for computer repair technicians and businesses.
  • Tools selected based on data from our thousands of free repair guides.
  • Will tear down all mainstream laptops, cellphones, and flux capacitors.

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Pro Tech Toolkit

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Kit Contents:

  • 54 Bit Driver Kit - all the bits needed for repairs on small electronics
  • 2x Plastic Opening Tools - soft plastic prying tools
  • Precision Tweezers Set - assortment of ESD safe precision tweezers
  • Tech Knife - Razor knife for scraping and cutting tasks
  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap - protection for circuits against static electricity
  • Small Suction Cup - suction cup for holding onto things lacking handles
  • Spudger - handy tool for poking, prying, flipping, and opening
  • Metal Spudger Set - assortment of metal poking and prying tools
  • iFixit 6 Inch Metal Ruler - steel ruler for easily measuring parts
  • iFixit Pro Tech Tool Roll - cloth roll designed to hold the Pro Tech Toolkit

Personally or Professionally, this kit works where you do.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has become the industry standard for electronics work, from garage hackers to government agency personnel. Contained in a sleek grey tool roll, the Pro Tech Toolkit will come with you wherever something needs to be repaired. Designed by the gadget fanatics that bring you awesome teardowns, the Pro Tech Toolkit will have you tearing down devices—broken or not—just to use the cool tools.


Even if you don't have anything to fix yourself, you can still fix other people's things! Cell phone repair is a booming self-starting business. Students, stay-at-home parents, and entrepreneurs are all joining in to fix phones for their friends and locals, while making good profit for themselves. Apple sold 37 million iPhones in the 4-month holiday season of 2011, and while many of those phones get fixed every day, even more are simply thrown out. With the help of this tool kit, you could be making those phones run like new. By the time you’ve fixed five phones, this kit will have paid for itself!


You don’t have to be a repair technician to find this kit useful. This kit is also great for anyone who has a phones, tablets, and laptops around the house. Our 54 bit toolkit and the various poking, prodding, opening, measuring, and grabbing tools that come with it will keep all your home’s electronics in working order.

This kit is great even for non-electronics. The small bits are great for doorknobs, eyeglasses, cabinet doors, sink fixtures, and more. If you are looking for a great addition to an artists or hobbyist's tool chest, look no further. The prying tools are great for sculpting clay and other materials.


In addition to our thousands of repair professional and home tinkering customers, this kit has become very popular with domestic and international top secret intelligence agencies with three-letter names we can’t name here. Oh, and we’ve also sold kits to some computer company named after a fruit (not a pear or orange) and many of their competitors use the kits internally.

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Product Family
    Product Type
      Operating System
      • N/A
      Form Factor
        Individual Technican Yes
        Computer Repair Business Yes
        Repair Centers Yes
        System Builders Yes
        Manufacturers Yes
        Developers Yes
        Refurbishers Yes
        Large Retailers Yes
        Desktop Yes
        Notebook Yes
        Netbook Yes
        Tablet Yes
        Server Yes
        Embedded / Industrial PC Yes
        Phone Yes
        License Types
        License Duration Perpetual license
        Customization / Branding No
        Hi-Volume Licensing No
        OEM Bundling Licensing No
        Technical Support
        Hardware Warranty 24 months

        Package Contains

        Overall Speed
        System Information Details
        Automated Burn-in Flexibility
        Advanced Multi-Threaded Testing
        Motherboard & CPU Test Coverage
        Video / Graphic Test Coverage
        Memory (RAM) Test Coverage
        Storage & Drive Test Coverage
        Pheripherials Test Coverage
        Test Report Options