RAM Stress Test Premium USB


  • Ideal Solution for Various Mobile x86 PC Platforms 
  • Self-Boot O/S-Free Memory Testing & Validation 
  • Complete Burn-in / Aging 
  • Customizable to suit specific OEM requirements 

R.S.T. PRO USB is a memory testing hardware/firmware solution designed for the rigorous testing needs of mobile pc memory and system manufacturers, design engineers, and service professionals. R.S.T. PRO USB is a Self Booting, Operating System Independent memory diagnostic USB device for exercising and validating RAM in any Intel/AMD based Mobile PC.

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RAM Stress Test Premium USB

  • RAM Stress Test Memory Tester USB

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The Industry Standard in Memory Validation

R.S.T. Pro USB is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of mobile memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals. Revolutionary since its initial debut back in 1995, the tradition of innovation continues with R.S.T. Pro USB. Powerful new features and advanced functionality make R.S.T. Pro USB the most comprehensive memory validation tool of its kind.
RAM Stress Test PRO USB
R.S.T. Pro USB is the tool of choice for numerous industry professionals who want to quickly and accurately test and validate memory in all Notebooks, Laptops, Tablet PCs and other mobile systems incorporating an Intel or AMD x86 compatible 32/64-bit single/multi-core mobile processor and an USB 1.1/2.0 slot.

R.S.T. Pro USB performs the most comprehensive tests available for both Base and Extended Memory (up to 16 gigabytes). Utilizing over 100+ different test patterns, both standard and proprietary algorithms, R.S.T. Pro USB provides a graphic display to pinpoint the exact location of memory failures. R.S.T. Pro USB supports the latest SO-DIMMs,(SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3) memory technologies.


"We utilize RST PRO card as part of our rigorous Memory Certification
testing criteria to award the CMTL Certified Memory seal.”
CMTL – Computer Memory Test Labs


Ultra-X’s Self-Boot Technology allows R.S.T. Pro USB to boot and test system memory without the interference of any memory drivers, TSRs, Operating System limitations, or Windows protected mode. R.S.T. Pro USB runs complete testing in its own protected mode which can thoroughly test up to 96 gigabyte of memory. Exclusive protected access also means testing can be run at the maximum possible speed.

R.S.T. Pro USB is packed with exclusive functions to assist in memory testing such as a memory map function, SPD reader, PCI Editor and benchmarking. R.S.T. Pro USB is one of the fastest, robust, and accurate memory diagnostic and verification tools available on the market today. Whether you design & manufacture memory modules, build or repair mobile systems, R.S.T. Pro USB tests and validates with the same commitment to quality, compatibility and reliability.

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Product Family
  • RAM Stress Test PRO (RSTPRO)
Product Type
  • Memory Validation
Operating System
  • OS-Free
Form Factor
  • Bootable USB
Individual Technican No
Computer Repair Business No
Repair Centers No
System Builders No
Manufacturers Yes
Developers Yes
Refurbishers No
Large Retailers No
Desktop No
Notebook Yes
Netbook Yes
Tablet Yes
Server No
Embedded / Industrial PC No
Phone No
License Types Technician license
License Duration 2 years
Customization / Branding No
Hi-Volume Licensing No
OEM Bundling Licensing No
Technical Support
Hardware Warranty 24 months

Package Contains

RAM Stress Test PRO USB comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions

Overall Speed
System Information Details
Automated Burn-in Flexibility
Advanced Multi-Threaded Testing
Motherboard & CPU Test Coverage
Video / Graphic Test Coverage
Memory (RAM) Test Coverage
Storage & Drive Test Coverage
Pheripherials Test Coverage
Test Report Options